Is an Unattractive Stump Ruining Your Property?

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After you've removed a tree, make sure to get rid of the leftover stump. These eyesores can cause a variety of problems on your property, from causing accidents to attracting pests. Turn to L&S Forestry Services LLC when you need stump removal services in Coeymans Hollow, Bethlehem or Albany, NY.

We're equipped to get rid of stumps of any size. Once our work is finished, you won't be able to tell that a stump was ever there. We'll even remove any debris from your property.

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Why removing stumps is a necessity

Why removing stumps is a necessity

Getting stump removal services can save you a lot of trouble. Stumps are known to:

  • Create tripping hazards in your yard
  • Provide a home for pests
  • Cause stump sprouting
We'll grind at least six inches into the ground to ensure that your old tree doesn't start growing back. To learn more about our stump grinding services, call 518-937-4125 now.